A few words
about us

We focus on delivering innovative, sustainable and integrated design and construction solutions for community oriented organisations, businesses and building owners. We work at varying scales, and can procure a team of expert advisors, consultants and contractors to undertake any size project.


We have deep respect for culture. We operate globally and aim to tread lightly on the earth. We acknowledge the traditional owners of our land and respect their leaders and emerging leaders.

Our work is underpinned by an ethos of inquiry. Research into the cultural, social and technical context of your site ensures that we offer solutions that are practical and reliable.

We are experts at structuring, planning and running workshops that tap stakeholder knowledge and foster mutual understanding and togetherness. 


Our client centred briefing process draws out key narratives and value propositions which become the foundation for the design and construction. 

This way the building ends up maintaining a strong connection to your and your story.

Kieran McKernan


Kieran is an Architect with a background working with businesses in the Seniors Living, Education, Workplace, Hospitality and Government sectors. He has planned, designed and implemented buildings that align with organisational values, save construction and operational costs, improve staff morale and attract clients and customers. In crafting solutions that meet these needs, he has developed skills in consultation and briefing, design, management and building compliance.

Donna Broun


Donna is a Landscape Architect, Urban Designer and a talented artist. She has worked for some of the world's top firms on a number of prestigious projects including Elizabeth Quay in WA and a scheme looking at future scenarios for Darwin. She is widely published and was heavily involved in the production of several books, including Boomtown 2050 which she illustrated.