PLATFORM GREEN: Frankston Train Station Masterplan

Connecting Communities through Play and Learning, the proposed station redefines commuting. Instead of entering the city via a narrow and crowded ramp, the new station opens the whole side of the platform up to the city, creating a gateway “front garden” experience through which commuters would enter and exit Frankston. 

Platform edges to blend seamlessly into the urban fabric of the city. The Station is envisaged as a garden, a fun place to map, explore and learn about the history of Frankston and surrounding areas. Places of significance in and around Frankston are mapped in the cuts and folds of the building and landscape. The platform is a space where all ages can explore and learn about the local area. 

Frankston is known today for its water based recreation activities. For many years the rivers and coastline of the area provided the Boonerwrung and Bunurong people with sustenance. For the North West corner of the platform, a water garden was proposed where water would bubbles up to provide welcome relief from Summer heat. 

Conversely, Rainwater is fountained off the roof above and captured in tanks underneath this area for reuse in station toilets, reinforcing the Station’s connection with its environment and ecology. 

This project was a competition entry. The competition was run by State Government Victoria.