Seniors Living

We work collaboratively with our clients to craft environments that respond to and are supportive of the needs of senior residents. Central to this is the creation of environments which encourage social participation and community interaction. Our services range from planning scheme analysis, feasibility and site yield studies through to project documentation, review and construction management services.


Lifestyle Villages 

Akiitech are at the vanguard of village design and draw from years of experience within the sector. Future villages will build on the strength of current village design by adapting to the changing expectations of younger generations. Our innovative approach ensures that your village is placed to capitalise on the strengths of your site, and the values of your residents and prospective clients. We understand what drives client decision making before we develop the value propositions that will underpin the design and construction process. We seek to integrate all elements of your customer experience, from marketing through to building design and maintenance to ensure that you achieve a solution which best fits your needs.


  • Holistic analysis of your assets
  • Analysis of planning issues
  • Competition analysis
  • Structured stakeholder consultation workshops
  • Implementation plans

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Age Care

Akiitech have extensive experience in the design and delivery of all aspects of residential aged care accommodation and seniors housing. Our designs range from low care environments to high care and specialist dementia care buildings. We also design integrated developments combining these. 

With residents increasingly opting to age in place within urban and inner city environments, there is increasing demand for multi level age care facilities. This brings about logistical challenges which we are adept at handling.

Akiitech offers value to Age Care Operators by assisting them to meet increasing expectations for resident amenity, care, support, dignity and social inclusion. We can do this by providing feedback on how to best provide these things within constrained budgets. We are adept at creating facilities that are efficient, contemporary and responsive to the varying needs for care and support of residents.

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